About Us

Psst. We’ll tell you a secret to better living. It’s fruits. Daily!

We’re a small fruit shop in Singapore and that fresh fruits and a playful outlook are secrets to a better life. We opened in 2014. Since then, we have brought health and joy to Singaporeans from all walks of life. We use fruits from around the world, picked with freshness..

Freshness is a staple in our stock.

We may have a light-hearted, playful culture, but we take the quality of our fruits seriously. We conduct daily checks and replace stocks often, this ensures that every fruit we send you is as fresh as possible. We also have a one-to-one exchange policy for fruits that aren’t up to your expectations!

We take joy in delivering to you!

Xiao San Fruits delivers anywhere in Singapore. We deliver at pre-selected times from 12pm to 9pm. Order early if you can, because same day delivery is possible for orders made before 3:30pm!