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Common Fruit Common Fruit

Look at our range of common fruits available!

Bananas Bananas

Go bananas over our freshly picked fruits! Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for our seasonal and exotic fruits!

Fruit Juices Fruit Juices

Grab one of our cold refreshing juices to quench your thirst and beat the hot weather!.

Coconuts Coconuts

Get our coconuts to cool down in Singapore's hot weather!

Sliced Fruits Sliced Fruits

Prefer a little more convenience? It’s a date! We’ve got sliced fruits, all ready to be eaten as soon as it arrives!

Sliced Fruits (Container) Sliced Fruits (Container)

Want to save the hassle of cutting your own fruits? We have pre-sliced fruits container that are environmentally friendly!

Fruit Platters Fruit Platters

Whether you’re looking for a celebratory gift or table centrepiece, our fruit platters are ripe for the occasion for sharing!


Unsure of what kind of fruits to purchase? Look through our fresh fruits category.

Berries & Grapes Berries & Grapes

In the feels for our premium fruits options?

Bulk Purchase Bulk Purchase

Want to purchase a large amount of fruits for your company or friends? Placed a bulk purchase with us at a better price!

Fruit Boxes Fruit Boxes

Looking for fruit gift boxes to give your friends or family on their special occasion? Look no further! We have just what you need!

Sliced Fruits (Cup) Sliced Fruits (Cup)

These pre-sliced fruit cups are easy for consumption and a good for parties or events!.